Angiographic Anatomy

The Fine Details of the Cerebral Vasculature

with Dr. Goyal

Persistent Trigeminal Artery (PTA)

Persistent trigeminal artery (PTA) : Is The most common persistent carotid-verebrobasilar anastmosis with cavernous ICA to basilar artery (BA) anastmosis.

  • Saltzman type I: PTA supplies the distal vertebrobasilar arteries. Absent PCOM. The caudal BA is absent or hypoplastic with hypolplastic distal vertebral arteries.

  • Saltzman type II: PTA supplies the superior cerebellar arteries with the PCAs are supplied via the PCOM.

Neuro Angiographic Anatomy

  • Anatomy and Variants (Under Development)
    • AICA
    • Anterior Cerebral Artery
    • Anterior Choroidal Artery
    • Artery of Percheron
    • Aortic Arch
    • Ascending Pharyngeal Artery
    • Basilar Artery
    • Fetal PCA (Common)
    • Inferolateral Trunk
    • Internal Carotid Artery and Its Aneurysms
    • Mandibulovidian Artery
    • Meningohypophyseal Trunk
    • Middle Cerebral Artery
    • Middle Meningeal Artery
    • Occipital Artery
    • Ophthalmic Artery
    • Persistent Stapedial Artery
    • Persistent Trigeminal Artery
    • PICA
    • Posterior Cerebral Artery
    • Posterior Choroidal Arteries
    • Posterior Communicating Artery
    • Posterior Meningeal Artery
    • Subclavian Artery
    • Superior Cerebellar Artery
    • Thyroid Arteries
    • Vertebral Artery
    • Vertebrobasilar System