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Effect of age and baseline ASPECTS on outcomes in large-vessel occlusion stroke: results from the HERMES collaboration

CONCLUSION: There was no multiplicative interaction of age and ASPECTS on clinical outcomes in EVT or control arm patients. Outcomes in patients ≥75 years with ASPECTS 0-5 were poor, irrespective of treatment. Further investigation to define the role of EVT and range of acceptable outcomes in this subgroup is warranted.


Physician factors influencing endovascular treatment decisions in the management of unruptured intracranial aneurysms

CONCLUSION: Although several predictors of endovascular treatment decision were identified, there seems to be a high degree of uncertainty when estimating rupture risks, treatment complications, and treatment success for endovascular UIA treatment. More data on the clinical course of UIAs with and without endovascular treatment is needed.


Impact and prevention of errors in endovascular treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms

CONCLUSION: Neurointerventionalists perceived both technical and cognitive errors to be important sources of complications in endovascular UIA treatment. Simulation training, a cultural change, higher acceptance of bail-out strategies and better standardization of procedures were perceived to be most effective in preventing these.


Latest Research: