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Interrater Agreement and Detection Accuracy for Medium-Vessel Occlusions Using Single-Phase and Multiphase CT Angiography

CONCLUSIONS: Interrater agreement for medium-vessel occlusions is moderate when using single-phase CTA and almost perfect with multiphase CTA. Detection accuracy is substantially higher with multiphase CTA compared with single-phase CTA, suggesting that multiphase CTA might be a valuable tool for assessment of medium-vessel occlusion stroke.


Influence of recent direct-to-EVT trials on practical decision-making for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke patients

CONCLUSION: In light of the recent direct-to-EVT trials, a sizeable proportion of stroke physicians appears to be rethinking IVT treatment strategies of EVT-eligible mothership patients with AIS due to LVO in specific situations.


Assessment of Discrepancies Between Follow-up Infarct Volume and 90-Day Outcomes Among Patients With Ischemic Stroke Who Received Endovascular Therapy

CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: In this study, discrepancies between functional outcome and post-EVT infarct volume were associated with differences in pretreatment factors, such as age and comorbidities, and posttreatment complications related to index stroke evolution, secondary prevention, and quality of stroke unit care. Besides preventing such complications, optimization of blood pressure, glucose levels, and hemoglobin levels are potentially modifiable factors meriting further study.


Perceived Limits of Endovascular Treatment for Secondary Medium-Vessel-Occlusion Stroke

CONCLUSIONS: Physicians' willingness to treat secondary medium vessel occlusions endovascularly is limited and varies per occlusion location and change in neurologic status. More evidence on the safety and efficacy of endovascular treatment for secondary medium vessel occlusion stroke is needed.


Worldwide anaesthesia use during endovascular treatment for medium vessel occlusion stroke

CONCLUSIONS: Anaesthesia approaches in MeVO EVT vary across world regions and patient and physician factors. Most physicians in this survey preferred to start with local anaesthesia or conscious sedation and convert to GA if necessary.


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