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Management and outcome of patients with acute ischemic stroke and tandem carotid occlusion in the ESCAPE-NA1 trial

CONCLUSIONS: Tandem cervical carotid occlusion in patients with acute large vessel stroke did not lower the odds of good functional outcome in our study. Functional outcomes were similar irrespective of the management of the cervical ICA occlusion (stenting vs not stenting).


Factors influencing thrombectomy decision making for primary medium vessel occlusion stroke

CONCLUSIONS: Most physicians in this survey were interventionalists and would treat patients with MeVO stroke immediately with EVT. This finding supports the need for robust clinical evidence.


Clinical impact of EVT with failed reperfusion in patients with acute ischemic stroke: results from the ESCAPE and ESCAPE-NA1 trials

CONCLUSION: Clinical outcomes of EVT patients with failed reperfusion did not differ significantly from patients treated with best medical management.


Endovascular Treatment Decision Making in Patients with Low Baseline ASPECTS: Insights from UNMASK EVT, an International Multidisciplinary Study

CONCLUSION: Most physicians decided to proceed with endovascular treatment despite low baseline ASPECTS, particularly in younger patients. This may have implications on the design and execution of low ASPECTS randomized trials.


Clinical Course of Acute Ischemic Stroke Due to Medium Vessel Occlusion With and Without Intravenous Alteplase Treatment

CONCLUSIONS: One of every 2 patients with MeVO did not achieve excellent clinical outcome at 90 days with best medical management. Early recanalization was strongly associated with excellent outcome but occurred in <50% of patients despite intravenous alteplase treatment.


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