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    ASPECTS in Acute Stroke

    • Alberta Stroke Program Early CT score (ASPECTS) is a 10-point quantitative score used to assess early ischemic changes on non-contrast CT head.
    • ASPECTS is intended to provide a reliable and reproducible grading system on non-contrast CT examinations of the head for detection of early ischemic changes in patients suspected of having acute large vessel anterior circulation occlusion. It is used as part of the assessment for eligibility in receiving interventional mechanical thrombectomy treatment.
    • ASPECTS score is a simple and reliable tool for detection of early ischemic changes on non-contrast CT scans of the brain.

    Learn to Calculate the ASPECT Score:

    White Matter Tracts Connecting Cortex to the Spinal Column

    This example is from a tumor tractography study, however visualization of the white matter tracts could help us better underestand the invovlement of these tracks during stroke and their implication for recovery. @MRI_technologist

    Version 3.0 of ASPECTS Neurovascular Education is under development and be released shortly. With lots of updates and features

    Coming Jan 2023

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    Our mission is acute stroke education, endovascular teaching, and research that would improve acute stroke care and patient outcomes. Learn more about privacy practices here.



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