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ASPECT Score for

Assessment in Acute Stroke

  • Alberta Stroke Program Early CT score (ASPECTS) is a 10-point quantitative score used to assess early ischemic changes on non-contrast CT head.
  • ASPECTS is intended to provide a reliable and reproducible grading system on non-contrast CT examinations of the head for detection of early ischemic changes in patients suspected of having acute large vessel anterior circulation occlusion. It is used as part of the assessment for eligibility in receiving interventional mechanical thrombectomy treatment.
  • ASPECTS score is a simple and reliable tool for detection of early ischemic changes on non-contrast CT scans of the brain.


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Easily Applicable

Easily Applicable

Based on the Plain/Non-contrast CT Head. The ASPECT Score can be used to assess early ischemic changes in acute stroke on any modern CT scanner without the need for additional processing steps making it easily applicable in many settings worldwide.

Imaging Based

Imaging Based

As the initial imaging modality to both screen for and establish the diagnosis of acute stroke, the ASPECT Score provides an opportunity to quantify the degree of ischemic changes in the brain parenchyma and serve as the basis for subsequent decision making. 

Easily Communicated

Easily Communicated

A score out of 10, the ASPECT Score is an easy and widely understood means of communicating the extent of ischemic changes amongst care teams and physicians.

Learn to Calculate the ASPECT Score:

ASPECTS Training Course and Certificate Info:

The educational modules (EdModules) will take you through basics of the clinical presentation, imaging, and initial assessment of acute stroke on CT scans with insights on how to determine early ischemic changes and the ASPECT Score. Subsequent modules will focus on multiphase CTA (mCTA)  and assessment of the collateral circulation

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