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Crossed Cerebellar Diaschesis

Post Subacute Superior Left Cerebellar Infarct


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Right M1 hyperdense, motion artifacts on NCCT, moderate collaterals

53 year old female with left hemiparesis, hemineglect and dysarthria. NIHSS >15. LSN Unknown.

Baseline Imaging: NCCT: 12:17 pm

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Distal occlusion, use of mCTA

44 year old male with acute onset speech difficulty.

LastSeenNormal (LSN) 2 hours. NIHSS<5 

Baseline imaging: NCCT – 09:02 am

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Patient with Poor ASPECTS, EVT, Good Outcome at 86 years of age

86 year old male presenting with acute left sided weakness and facial droop, 3 hours from onset. NIHSS >15. Known A-fib on epixaban. Independent, living in home.

Baseline imaging: NCCT: 09:00 am  

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Hydrocephalus post Cerebellar Stroke

An elderly man presents with acute worsening post cerebellar infarct


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Case of Immediate Improvement after Thrombectomy

A 69 year old female is transported from a peripheral hospital 3.5hrs after onset of symptoms.

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